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There were some cracking memories at the Brunel thanks to some of the talent & people below.

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The Memory of The Brunel Rooms Lives!

Welcome to our tribute to the Brunel Rooms in Swindon. This website has been set-up to keep the memory of Swindon's famous super club alive. We hope to make this site as interactive as possible and we may even look to run some Brunel Rooms Reunion Nights in the future. We want your memories, photos and ideas on how to keep this club that is very dear to many of us alive forever.

We are not linked to the Brunel Rooms nightclub in any way, shape or form. This site isn't for people to argue and be abusive, it's to chill out, enjoy some tunes, memories and maybe even catch up with some long lost friends. Be sure to check out our forum and add us on Twitter for the latest news.

This site is not fully functional at the moment but be sure to check back as things are being added all the time.

A Brunel Rooms Legend: GARAGE NATION

A look back at Garage Nation who tore the Brunel Rooms down on 25th August 2013. Why not check out their website at

DJ Gerry T Discusses his tenure at Brunel Rooms!

DJ Gerry T knows only too well how banging the Brunel Rooms was back in the day. Gerry T who performed at the Rooms with High Rollerz is keen to have one more go behind the decks in front of a crowd in Swindon to impress his kids. Below are the thoughts of Gerry T and just why The Brunel Rooms means so much to so many people.

"I put on my first night at fusion in old town 7th November 2003, then it was nearly a year later when I started doing a weekly Drum & Bass nights in the ice bar with a couple of friends. It was the pre parties for Brunel D&B nights that got the place packed and where I met the promoters of Brunel. After awile we done nights in the Brunel shed bar then I got asked to play at Heat nights in the Amphi. One of the biggest crowds I played in front of I wasn't even on the line up, I just went to high rollerz as a night out when the manager came and told me DJ Hype wasn't going to be there and if I wanted to fill in, so I rushed home and got my vinyl. Then after that I became a resident.

"Brunel Rooms has been a big part of my life from Nappy nights when I was a Teen. Going there and seeing DJ's I would listen to on tape packs (Nicky Blackmarket, Hype and Kenny Ken). Then actually playing at the same nights as them, the night I filled in for Hype I went on after Zinc and before Kenny Ken and had my favourite MC (IC3) mc while I was playing. And back then playing on the same line up as producers that were up coming and big in the Drum & Bass scene but wasn't known outside of it (Sub Focus and Chase & Status).

" (I'm) Still waiting for my kids to think their dad was cool, when they play their records on the radio and I say I have played along side them. Maybe one day they will.

Three More Join Our Talent Roster

Popular Brunel Rooms DJ Paul Carroll has been joined by three more names on our talent roster.

Former Brunel Rooms resident DJ Gerry T who was part of HighRollerz back in the day has said he wants to play out to the Swindon crowd one more time and we are only too happy to oblige. HighRollerz ran a series of events at the old Brunel Rooms night club prior to its sale to Luminar who then changed the club to Liquid & Envy in 2007.

The next 2 DJ's are local lads from Swindon. First of all is DJ George Andrews who is very popular on the local scene. DJ George has one rule. Tell him what you want to hear and he will play it. DJ George currently has a residency at the Tap & Barrel in Swindon on Swindon Town match days as well as other events which are always jam packed. DJ George plays anything from ska to dance to trance and everything in between. George is a proven crowd pleaser.

Finally we have DJ Neil Bowles. Neil is a local lad who has played at the biggest clubs in the UK music scene including Ministry Of Sound and Pacha. In fact Neil played at The Gallery's birthday a few years ago where trance superstar Armin Van Buuren was the headliner. Neil has also had residencies in London and Ibiza and always gets the crowd buzzing. Neil builds his set up and is definately one to look out for.


Paul Carroll Joins Our Talent Roster

Popular Brunel Rooms DJ Paul Carroll has become the first name to join our talent roster as we look to add names who would be interested in performing at potential Brunel Rooms Reunions in Swindon.

Carroll has a wealth of experience and was a resident at the original Brunel Rooms as well as the latest incarnation in 2013/14. We welcome Paul aboard and if you miss seeing him perform he currently has a residency at Revolution in Swindon after leaving Brunel Rooms in January of this year.

If you would like to join Paul on our talent roster click on "club nights" and "talent roster" to find out how.


Brunel Rooms TV

We will be posting videos of footage from Swindon's only Super Club below. Our latest video is of Carl Cox who took over The Brunel in May 1993. Cox is still massive and is one of the biggest DJ's in the world. We do not own this footage and it remains property of the owner. Why not visit Carl Cox's website at


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